Petrus 2009

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Country/region: Bordeaux
Appellation: Pomerol
Domain: Petrus
Red color
Owner: SC du Château Petrus
Area: 11.3 ha
Production: 30,000 bottles
Grape varieties: 100% Merlot
Viticulture: Conventional

Petrus, an unclassified cru from Bordeaux, is undoubtedly the most famous and prestigious red wine in the world. Its legend began at the end of the 19th century when the Arnaud family, owners of the estate, began to gain notoriety. From 1925, Edmonde Loubat gradually bought the shares of the Société Civile du Château Petrus from the Arnaud family, becoming the sole owner in 1945. Recognizing the exceptional potential of this “small” vineyard of approximately 6 hectares (which since expanded to 11.5 hectares), it joined forces in 1947 with Jean-Pierre Moueix, a merchant from Libourne, and together, they increased the reputation of the estate, vintage after vintage.
Thanks to their business acumen, the duo propelled Petrus to the forefront of the international scene in the 1950s. Bottles of Petrus were thus present at the engagement table of Elizabeth II, and in the 1960s, the Kennedy family considered to be the greatest red wine of Bordeaux. Petrus quickly became the reference for the American market and entered the world of fine wines. It was also during this period that Jean-Pierre Moueix began to get involved in winemaking. He bought half of the estate in 1964 and all of it in 1972, then bequeathing it to his son Jean-François. Today, few families in Bordeaux are as influential as the Moueixes, who own nine other properties in Pomerol, including Château Trotanoy and Château La Fleur-Pétrus.
The Petrus estate enjoys a unique terroir in Bordeaux, with soil composed almost exclusively of swelling black clay on a 40 meter high mound. Merlot, which makes up 96% of the vineyard, finds its preferred soil there. The remaining 4% is planted with Cabernet Franc, the majority of which is generally not included in the final blend. Petrus only produces great wine, the harvest is manual and the aging lasts on average 20 months, in 100% new barrels.

Unlike its Bordeaux neighbors, Pétrus does not have the title “château” on its label, simply because there is no castle on the estate, but a winery. The vintage owes its name to the place or Latin origin dating back to Saint Pierre, appearing on the label with the keys to paradise.
The vines, located at the top of the Pomerol plateau, are on average 40 years old and have a planting density ranging from 6,300 to 7,000 vines per hectare. Particular care is taken in the vineyard. Rarely do we see great red wines composed solely of Merlot, but on this unique, very clayey terroir, this grape variety produces an incomparable velvety of unequaled depth. Majestic, powerful and rich, the wine is concentrated, voluptuous and supple.
Accompany this legendary wine with a dish of character such as a pheasant truffled with Périgourdine, a hare stew or a shoulder of lamb roasted with basil, and serve it at 16-18°C. Thanks to its fabulous aging potential, this wine, in certain vintages, can be kept for more than fifty years.

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